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论文笔记| Proof-of-Stake Sidechains

2019-07-15 reading S&P2019 区块链

Brief Authors: Peter Gazˇi,Aggelos Kiayias and Dionysis Zindros conference: S&P2019 系统定义区块链中的 side 链的概率,1️以提高区块链的伸缩性和冗余。证明其非常适合使用POS作为共识机制。并将其实现和推 ... Read More

论文笔记| Redactable Blockchain in the Permissionless Setting

2019-07-10 reading S&P2019 区块链

Brief Author:Dominic Deuber, Bernardo Magri and Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan IEEE S&P 2019 Introductoin 一种基于共识机制的协议,用于解决区块链中非法信息进行预警和和可审计的操作, ... Read More

论文笔记| Towards Practical Differentially Private Convex Optimization

2019-07-10 reading S&P2019 机器学习

Brief Roger Iyengar Carnegie Mellon University Om Thakkar Boston University Joseph P. Near University of California, Berkeley Abhradeep Thakurta ... Read More

论文笔记| True2F: Backdoor-resistant authentication tokens

2019-07-09 reading S&P2019 system secruity

Brief author: Emma Dauterman, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, David Mazières, Dan Boneh, Dominic Rizzo From: Stanford and Google Introduction 双因子认证是目前对抗弱密码等恶意攻 ... Read More

论文笔记| Why Does Your Data Leak? Uncovering the Data Leakage in Cloud from Mobile Apps

2019-07-09 reading S&P2019 云安全

Brief author: Chaoshun Zuo, Zhiqiang Lin, Yinqian Zhang IEEE S&P 2019 Introduction 系统评估移动终端使用云存储时候的数据泄露 编写程序自动化完成评估 对各种软件进行评估,给出风险报告 Background 为什 ... Read More

论文笔记| Resident Evil: Understanding Residential IP Proxy as a Dark Service

2019-07-08 reading S&P2019 网络安全

Brief Meeting: S&P 2019 Authors: Xianghang Mi, Xuan Feng, Xiaojing Liao, Baojun Liu, XiaoFeng Wang, Feng Qian, Zhou Li, Sumayah Alrwais, Limin ... Read More